Face It

Today I would like to discuss what I think is one of the biggest reason why we are not experiencing freedom in Christ. We already know that He has called us to freedom (Gal 5:13). We will take a look at what freedom in Christ looks like at a later time.

To be free we must overcome. This is evident in society in general. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew that in order to overcome racial injustice they had to stand up. They had to refuse to accept it. They had to want change more than they wanted anything else in their life. When women fought for the right to vote they didn’t sit there and whisper in men’s ears begging for the right. They stood up. They refused to accept anything other than the right to vote.

Throughout society we have seen much injustice and we have seen in time freedom given. But that freedom was given because few refused to sit and accept anything less. They had to face the reality of the situation. Not turn a blind eye.

Overcome is a verb, that means it requires action.

So why are so many still bound?

They refuse to face the reality of the situation! First and foremost, as non believers they refuse to face the fact that Christ is Lord, and that He offers said freedom. Instead they believe too much in their own ability to make themselves better. Some do, but that doesn’t equal freedom for eternity, but for temporal only.

As Christians, we do the same thing. Yes we have accepted Christ as our Lord. Yes we know He offers freedom. That He has called us to this freedom. BUT we still rely on ourselves! We can’t do that. Instead when we do that we find ourselves denying the whole picture. We fail to recognize how deep the sin is. Until we face what is really going on with ourselves we will make failed attempts full or pretty words on how we are getting better. But when we face it, we realize we can’t do it alone. That’s when He begins to work.

So how do we overcome:

Face it – we must admit what is going on with us, all the way at the core.

Release it to God – understand that He can handle it and rend our broken hearts to Him so He can mend and build us up

Seek Wisdom – pray and ask God to show you realistic ways to beat it, let Him help you set boundaries. Seek wise council as well.

Accountability – find someone you trust to hold you accountable in measurable ways.

Remember why – As Francis Chan says, we run from sin because Christ is Better. End of story.

You can’t find freedom unless you face the fact that you are bound.

Always in the incorruptible love of Christ,




Lord have mercy I can not remember the last time I sat down and wrote a blog. This is the kick off of Free2B. Today I am going to share with you something God has laid on my heart for years now. A vision He has given me that I have finally decided to get off of my tail and chase. 

A few years ago I really felt led to full time missions in India. My heart aches for that country. The amount of human need there is beyond measure and I feel like as a Christian my responsibility is to help those in need. I feel as if Isaiah 61 is a command to Christians, not just the foretelling of who Christ would be to us. So what did I do? What anybody chasing a dream does, start small and aim high. I was given an incredible opportunity to intern with an amazing organization: Global Hope India (GHI). There I met some of the most amazing souls who had a heart for India and for the redemption of the people there. One of those was a sweet lady named Daya. She was in charge of prayer and let me tell you, you definitely want her praying for you. 

In the midst personal struggles I had the opportunity to eat dinner with her and her sweet daughters. As I poured my heart out to her she looked me dead in the eyes and said, “you won’t be doing missions in India!” I didn’t question her. I just listened as she explained that God had a plan for me to work with young girls. That it wouldn’t just be in church or through a ministry but that I would create a curriculum based study to help young girls. It sounded nice and quite frankly I could understand how she could see me doing something like that. But more than that, if you know Daya you know God has given her the spiritual gift of Prophecy. I didn’t doubt her a bit I just waited on God.

And guess what? He showed up!

God began to stir in me a desire to break the chains of the broken girls. To show them how to live in Christ free of shame, guilt, fear, hatefulness, and the list goes on. He brought me across Galatians 5:1 and revealed His might heart to me. He said, “Beloved, my daughters should not be bound by this law. Christianity isn’t a list of rules that I have for my children. I love them where they are, and exactly how they are. Show my daughters that it’s okay to be broken for I will give them beauty for their ashes. I will transform their darkness.” He wants to transform our darkness. I couldn’t sit by knowing He has chosen me to assist. He has given me, the girl who’s life is full of so much darkness to bring light into the darkness of many. Why? Because He knows I know the freedom in letting His light truly shine through my pain, my hurt, my shame, and my brokenness. 

And thus the dream/vision of Free2B was born. The freedom to be who we are, right where we are. as we are. 

Longing for Jesus…chasing the world

I hope you stop and take the time to read this. I hope that if this is where you are this helps you. If this isn’t where you are I hope this helps you if you ever get caught in this.

Jesus is our present help in a time of need (Psalm 46:1). Jesus will carry our burden (1 Peter 5:7). Jesus loves is unfailing (Lamentations 3:32). Jesus transforms us (2 Corinthians 5:17). Jesus has a purpose for us (Jeremiah 9:11). And He is much, much more.

We long for our Savior! We longed for Him before we even knew what we were longing for. Now, we long for Him more because we know Him and have truly experienced Him. We long to be touched by His grace and mercy. To be led by His light and wisdom. To stand strong in His truth and power. We long daily to have Him evident to others in our life, but also we long for Him to be evident to us through His spirit. Once we truly know Him we can never ever be truly satisfied with false god’s, or with worldly things. Well not permanently anyways.

The longing is a good thing when it is satisfied, and trust me beloved it is one that can be satisfied because God wants to satisfy those longing more than any other longing we have. He wants us to be fully satisfied in Him and when we want that we have it.

If you are fully satisfied in Him and you soul is full and overflowing what I am about to say may not be necessary for you at the time being. HOWEVER, if you are longing for Him and you just can’t seem to figure out why He isn’t satisfying you then listen up!!

Ask yourself these questions: do you feel you are out of His reach? Do you believe that He is all this for everyone but you? Do you think that you are to sinful to truly experience it all? Is your heart hardened to what He is trying to show you? Do you really long for Him or are you just deceiving yourself?

More than because of any of these things or any other reason are you possibly chasing the world instead resting in Him?

When we long for Jesus but find that we aren’t being satisfied, I am positive one of the main reasons is because despite our longing, we are not replacing the things in our life that are worldly with Godly things. What’s worse than that is the more that we feel He isn’t satisfying are longing the more we plunge into the worldly things. Jesus is not distant! If He feels distant then we are most likely the ones causing the distance. He gave us the Holy Spirit so He could be as close as possible, and that closeness is right inside of us. So beloved, He isn’t far at all!

Here is some application: 1) Pray! Ask God if you are chasing the world or Him? 2) Listen! What is He telling you? 3) Write it down! Whatever He reveals take note of it somewhere! 4) Replace those worldly things with Godly things!

Beloved, STOP chasing the world. Be aware to what is truly going on around you. Then, be satisfied!

He is there, always!


Today Is The Day!

Today is the day that we decide to make a change!

today is the day that we let go of all the lies we tell ourselves!

Today is the day that we let go of all the insecurities!

Today is the day that we let go of all the fears!

Today is the day that we stop letting others define us!

Today is the day that we stop sabotaging ourselves!

Today is the day that we stop putting off till tomorrow!

Today is the day that we start believing God’s word about us!

Today is the day that we start trusting in His word!

 Today is the day that we start chasing our dreams!

Today is the day that we start taking responsibility!

Today is the day it all changes!

Today is the day we declare the freedom He gave us!

Today, not tomorrow!

Free to Struggle

So it’s been a short while here. The things is, God has revealed much wisdom, yet not anything I feel proficient enough in to even try to explain in any manner worthy.

I do, however, want to share a simple truth you. We are free to struggle. That’s it.

I don’t for some of you this might just be the weigh you needed lifted off of your shoulders. You see the all the missed marks, all the failed attempts, you know every heartbreak you have ever experienced, you know your pain, you know the pain you have caused others, you know your deepest darkest secret, you know where healing is lacking in your life. You know this, and well you know He does to (Psalms 139). This can be quiet amazing knowing that He knows all our hurts, scars, fears, and needs (Matt 6:8, Ps 56:8). Yet, at the same time fearful knowing that He knows every mistake we have made, the evil thoughts we think, the evil deeds we do (Ps 139 still speaks to His knowledge or our life).

Let’s take a moment to be honest here thought!

Where do you find your thoughts wondering in regards to the knowledge He has? Are you so focused on knowing that He knows your deepest needs and wants to meet them? Or are you so focused on the face that He knows all your mistakes and finding yourself fearful of that??

Side note: I am not going to get into the fear of the Lord right now, because there is a type of fear we are too have. It's not the point right now though.

Anyways, if you find your thoughts wondering to the first, beloved that is great. Live in a place where You know your Savior meets all your needs (Phil 4:9) and that He is your refuge (Ps. 46:1). However, if you are like me and feel in the grand scheme of things, God is more focused on your failures than your needs I want to remind you of such a fundmental truth to our identity in Christ.


IT IS FINISHED! (John 19:30)


WE ARE SAVED BY GRACE ALONE! (Rom 11:6, Eph 2:8)

HE IS BRING US TO COMPLETION!…we aren’t finished until the day we our with Christ Jesus our Lord (Phil 1:6)

Beloved, I want you to know that we are sealed with the Holy Spirit (Eph 1:13) and you are HIs and always will be His (Deut 31:6). We are free to struggle, to be imperfect people. We don’t need anything to offer because the Spirit is made perfect in our weaknesses (2 Cor 12:9). Know that all you go through is for His glory, by no means does He intend for you to walk in shame, however, He desires to give you a beautiful headdress in the place of those ashes (Is 61).

Know that He is your God, and you are His child. Rest in His unfailing promises, knowing that each day He has given more grace and His mercies are new each morning.

Struggle beloved, struggle with it all and let His light penetrate those dark areas and bring them to completion one step at a time.

Oh what a beautiful child of God you are, filled with such a prosperous future. Step out of the shame!

In the incorruptible love of Christ

Jesus didn’t die such a horrific death and then rise from the dead bringing us new life and freedom so we, His “followers”, could paint up some pretty pictures about how we have our life together and are better now. No, instead He intended the exact opposite which is tearing down the walls and saying “By the grace of God I am what I am” (1 Cor 15:10), and He did it so we could BOAST in our weaknesses (2 Cor 12:). Tear down the walls, stand firm in who you are right now, and trust that He will bring the good work in you to completion (Phil 1:6).

You never said it’d be easy
You never said it’d happen fast
But you did promise that you’d be there through it all

Lyrics to a song I wrote/am writing. It can most definitely use some touch up!

You know, I think there is this major misconception that when we accept Christ we no longer have to try. That things just happen. Yes, we are made new in Christ. There is more to it than that though. Are we free from the flesh? YES! We are! Does that mean we will no longer struggle with the flesh? NO (Romans 7)! I think what has happened is that we think since we are made new that means we no longer have a struggle inside of us. Well it doesn’t. It means that the Father can now look on us afresh, however it is not complete until the day we are with Him in heaven. Does that mean we aren’t new now? No! It means that it’s still a process. Somehow God has made us new, is making us new, and will make us new in the end. I know I know it’s complicated.

Why is this important to understand? And really what is the reason behind the song?

This is important to understand because I don’t want any of you to get discourage when you wake up tomorrow and do some of the same sinful things you did yesterday, or that in five minutes when you do it all over again you think you aren’t different. You are new, and you are being made new!

The song, well it’s about the process. Not really just the process of being made new and finding freedom but the process of living in Christ. All of it. We must remember that He did not come to bring peace but He came to bring a sword! (Matthew 10:34)

Anyways here is the song!

I've found myself caught in it all again
Expecting certain outcomes
Thinking anything other than you can define me
Sometimes I look at all my problems
and all my mistakes
Is anything different?
Is there really any real growth?

You never said it'd be easy
You never said it'd happen fast
But you did promise you'd be there
and that's enough
It's more than enough

When I think about all I have
When I think about the future
I must remember you are in control
Seeking to fix it on my own only leaves me empty
I'll never get it right on my own
Oh how I need you in every moment
To trust you for it all is the greatest challenge I find
But I know

You never said it'd be easy
You never said it'd happen fast
But you did promise to be there through it all
and that's enough
That's more than enough

What seems impossible with me
Is quite possible with you
I may do things I don't want to do
But you are bringing everything I am to completion
And I know

You never said it'd be easy
You never said it'd happen fast
But you did promise you'd be there through it all
and that's enough
It's more than enough
You alone have all power
and that's enough
It's more than enough!

Nothing is Wasted by Elevation Worship

This song contains such a powerful message that I believe is very important to the goal of Free to Be. Yes, our goal here is to take light to the darkest areas of ones life. To offer freedom that can only be given by Christ, and to teach others to live in it. The thing is there are a few types of freedom you must achieve:

  1. Freedom from your own mistakes
  2. Freedom from what others have done to you
  3. Freedom from you life status

These three things hold us back and hold us from a greater life, of course there are other types of freedom. Here’s the thing, GOD CAN REVIVE ANYTHING! And don’t you ever for a second think that anything in your life cannot be used by our Almighty God. This song beautifully spells out my passion to give shine God’s freedom in your life, but also to show you how much He wants to give you beauty for ashes. That doesn’t mean that the ugly stuff isn’t a part of you anymore but it means He has transformed it and made it beautiful.

Nothing is wasted beloved! Not a single thing! God will use it all! Trust Him to bring you that  freedom and redemption you are longing for!

“Freedom” by Run Kid Run

This video captures the heart’s cry for freedom. Being bound yet ready for change. Being set free but being unable to move on. Realizing at the core that He has offered it and we have it. Oh, how we have it beloved! He has given it to us. He’s patiently waiting for us to let go and to step into the freedom…are you ready for change?

Take a little piece of my heart

The MOST IMPORTANT thing: This is for my Father! For His glory to be known! For the freedom He offers to spread. That means this is for YOU! Because He is for you and He is fighting for you (Ex 14:14). I am doing this unto Him and He is giving it to you. So know that this is about Him being for you. I am nothing but a frail human. I have nothing to offer apart from Him.

Because this is for you too though I need to share my heart with you if you are going to be on this journey with me.

First off, I have been at such a loss on a specific blog topic. Satan is surely stirring up my thoughts and causing confusion but God is not a god of confusion (1 Cor 14:33). Please pray for me to be completely in tune with what God has planned for this blog, as well as doctrinally sound!

Secondly, I have found that one of my biggest hindrances in blogging recently has been that my ideas are not fully formed or that I am leaving things out. Please pray that I am relying on God’s words alone to flow and that God gives me peace throughout the post.

Thirdly, I have such a vision I don’t even know how to put it into words for you guys. I am being awaken to a new life daily with Christ. This blog is me stepping out on the vision He gave me. The thing is, it’s fresh for me. It’s new. It’s not something that has been brewing for a time and that I have been expecting. It’s as fresh as the autumn leaves right now. That means that I don’t always know the direction I am going, that means there will be lots of revision, that means this is a learning process for me too, and it’s a new beginning with lots of messes to be had. So I ask that you pray for me to be willing to live a greater life. Pray that I take constructive criticism in a respectful loving way no matter how it is presented to me. Mainly pray that I am zealous for God in this process and resting and aiming to please Him alone.

Fourthly (is that proper?), I am learning here too. The Father is teaching me things. These ideas, these truths aren’t coming from someone who doesn’t get it. They come from someone who believes in the freedom that He has given us. There are some ideas that knock my socks off. There are other ideas that I’ve known for such a long time that are becoming a reality to me. There are some ideas I still struggle to perfect, and there are others that I pretty much have down. Please pray for my diligence to all He has for me here too.

Lastly, I want to share why this idea of freedom to be who we are at the core is so dear to me. At the age of ten something that should have never happened to me, did. As the first couple days went by I though I had justice for it. Me and the other person involved confronted the “bad person” and we discussed a way to handle it for the both sides (man I sound like such an adult). Heres the thing, the “bad person” failed on their end. This wasn’t some random person, this was a very important person in my life. This also wasn’t some petty situation, it was a unacceptable situation. When this person defaulted on their half, being the person they were to me, I shut down. Not at first, I was only dealing at first. As I look back though I see this idea beginning to form in many areas of my life…you are worthless. It seemed that in comparison to everything I was worthless. I felt as if no one was fighting for me (of course I was wrong Ex 14:14). I began to see only this truth (well really lie) that I was worthless. With my family, it didn’t matter what good they did I only counted the things that exemplified this thought. With my friends, it didn’t matter what we did I only saw the things that exemplified this thought. So I became angry. Really angry. When I became angry I was mean, so mean. Yet at the same time I was so nice. I began an inward struggle. I began to cause a lot of the situations that I now look back on and say “see I am worthless because this happened” and I guess that would mean I was my own worst enemy. I found that by 14 to 15 people didn’t want to be around me and truthfully I didn’t either. “I guess that means I am worthless?!” “I guess that means I don’t matter?!” “Maybe I should change who I am?” Here’s the thing: change because you want to be well liked by other’s doesn’t work. That’s worldly grief and purely based on man. Anyways, so I began this process of trying to be crazier, more fun to be around. I would yell less, I would dismiss things I didn’t like. I’d pretend like I liked things I didn’t like. Shoot I even tried drugs to be popular. None of it worked. I was still me and well me wasn’t good enough. Me was worthless. So, I couldn’t fix anything and no one wanted me the way I was. Ah I got it, this will solve it all…my death. That’ll make everyone happy. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!! Anyways, that’s a different story! Thus began my journey of suicidal thoughts. Man it’s a bad place to be. Alright, so HERE’S THE GRAND FINALE: I hid in my shadows of beliefs that I was worthless. That I had nothing to offer in my true form. As I was trying to be something else I found I could never quite succeed. In my darkness I chose to attend a camp with a friend and this phenomenal truth was whispered in my ear one night. “What you’ve done is not okay! It’s not. Your sin is hideous to me and it darkens my view of You. Your sin also breaks my heart because I don’t like to look at you like that. I never intended to see such filth. So here, here is My son. I give my son so that I can love you right where you at. Do you accept?” “yes, yes I do” (it just sounded so nice) “My beautiful daughter. How I love you! How pleased I am to call you mine. I am yours too you know. All I see now is purity! Oh sweet daughter of mine. I am here to free you of this fear to be you. I’m right here and I will not leave you on this journey as you confront what is dark within you because I only see you complete and complete you will be. Walk in my freedom dear, my freedom to struggle knowing you have won!” He began in me a Godly grief for what I had done. A grief that made me want to be more like Him, not more liked. I still battle with it daily but here’s the thing. The idea of freedom where we are is important to me because I think without we can’t make it. Without being honest to the core you will never have the breakthrough you need to succeed. The road is sometimes bumpy when we jump into the freedom of who we are because there are monsters that will rear their ugly heads and we must fight them. But I also thing that Christ didn’t free us from the law for us to still let it define us. He freed us (became the only true sacrifice for sin) so that we could have confidence to enter the holly places, so that we could draw near with a true (honest) heart inf full assurance of faith. To hav e our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water so that we could hold fast our confession of hope because He who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:19-23). He gave us freedom so that we could know that we are able to be open and honest when we come to Him and that He has made us clean. That there is a hope!

This idea of freedom to be who we are right where we are at is dear to me, so dear because I know it’s importance. So this is my heart. This is who I am. I believe in a freedom that is rich in mercy and grace. I believe in such a miraculous redemption that chills will form as people here the stories. I am fully confident that He who promised is faithful. So pray beloved for all who hear and read these posts and the many other things He has to come from me. Pray for His will alone!

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me 🙂

In the unfathomable glory of Christ,

Your’s truly!